Hi there, it’s Boots here!

We’ve been really busy recently as lots of new stock has been coming in, and some of us even went on a buying trip to Birmingham! I stayed at home though, someone’s got to watch the shop.

Hasn’t it been really cold this last week? Everyone keeps talking about this thing called ‘snow’, but I’m not entirely sure what/who it is. But it sounds like some kind of monster, and it’s on its way to get us, and for some reason everyone is suddenly panicking over how much milk they have in the fridge! Madness.

I’m still growing my hair out though, although mum keeps telling me I’m getting dreadlocks on my tail and she wants to get rid of them, but she doesn’t understand that it’s the laid back surf-dog look I’m going for!

They obviously love me here at J Shoes, because they got someone to paint my portrait, presumably so people will see how wonderful I am. I think it really shows off my windswept beach look. What do you think?

Anyway, back to it …

Woof x