Hello again,

I just wanted to let you in on some major news, my colleagues have all gone mad and have reduced our ENTIRE slipper selection to half of their original prices! Good for me, because of course I always need to buy two pairs. The offer includes mens slippers as well as the ladies range … you men need cosy toes too! I cannot think of anything more enticing that going home and slipping on some cosy, fluffy slippers to keep my feet warm. Pure bliss.

It’s got me thinking back to when I was a little pup and I used to snuggle any fluffy slipper I could find. They are just so warm and toasty. To this day I like to carry the odd one around with me, just in case mum or dad needs one, its almost like a present!

So if you fancy a nice new cosy pair of slippers to keep your feet warm, don’t forget to pop into our Wadebridge store where we have a huge collection to choose from. It might just help us all get through this last chilly winter month!

Speak soon,


Woof x